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Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers - The Best Simulation Game of the Year - Download Here

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Embark on a journey with a group of villagers in search of a new part of the island to populate. Land on the hidden shores of the northern side of Isola and explore what was once a secret city. Find new sources of food to nourish your villagers and help them rebuild the remains of this mysterious city. Who lived here before? Where have they gone? What is the secret of Isola?

At the start of the game, you are given the opportunity to choose 5 unique villagers to add to your initial tribe. Choose carefully because your first tribe members will be instrumental in establishing your tribe in heathen territory and spreading the good news of your faith to the unbelievers.

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This game has a visually pleasing graphic style that is charming and cute. Each of the villagers has their own unique attributes such as hair color, hair style, eye color and clothing, making it easy to distinguish one villager from the other.

We have played all virtual villagers games ever since we were like 6 and the second came out. We absolutely love it and it is definitely our favorite game series EVER! This is one of the most challenging ones but eventually we beat it. We have to say tho, it is really hard to press the buttons and to identify our villagers. Im at a max of 90 and we have no clue about any of them. Also a little help? We have done all puzzles and have the max amount of villagers however our max power is 999 and we cant use earthquake until we get 1 more. Seriously?! What do we do now? But is like to say that this game is so fun and we absolutely love it. Ever since we were little, playing the second game (and getting frustrated because we couldnt beat it until years later ) we have loved LDW so much and all of their hard work and dedication has been appreciated ever since our childhood and we really hope they can make a 6th game!!! This was probably one of the most challenging but also very fun and rewarding when we beat it. (The only one we cant seem to beat is 3 and we have no idea why ) But anyways thanks so much LDW and we look forward to the 6th game which we really hope you can release!!

We only downloaded this version of the game because the free one limited the amount of villagers you could have and in this one the population was supposed to have no limits, but we keep getting a notification that we cant make villagers have babies because there isnt enough housing. We think this is a rip off.

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Learn the controls! They are basically the same as Virtual Villagers 4 with the addition of the energy bar and the "godly" powers icons. The most useful control to learn is the detail "camera" located at the bottom right of the screen. You can use this to quickly locate any individual on the island. Click on the right arrow (when the screen is blank) and it goes to the youngest tribe member. Continue to click the right arrow and you will scroll through your villagers from youngest to oldest. As each one comes up in the "camera", the game will zoom to that person. This is especially helpful when trying to find children quickly. Click on the left arrow (when the screen is blank) and you will go to the oldest person in the tribe. Continue to click and you will cycle from oldest to youngest.

Plan carefully! Choose your beginning villagers wisely, the success of your tribe depends on it. Make sure you have a balance of male and female, and one (or preferably 2) children to collect mushrooms and collectibles. Avoid any villager who dislikes "work", "learning" or "running" as they will be fairly useless. Also avoid those who dislike wood or stone (they make bad builders), dislike plants or herbs (bad farmers and bad doctors), dislike fish or swimming (bad farmers), dislike lifting (bad builders) or things of that nature. Examine the likes and dislikes of your prospective villager carefully. Also avoid villagers who like "rest" as they won't do a lot of work. Screenshot.

Your energy bar shows two things, how much energy you can have and how much energy you do have. Your ability to have more energy increases with the size of your population and the level of spirituality tech, as well as your conversion efforts. When you start you will only have the capacity for about 35 energy. At the end it will be over 800. Just because you have the capacity doesn't mean you have the energy, using your "godly" powers uses that energy and it takes a while for it to accumulate again. Just having living villagers will slowly increase the energy, but you can gain more if you convert a heathen or in collecting duplicate artifacts.

The weather is your friend! Yes, rain and fog are annoying and tend to hide things, but they are extremely useful. When it rains, mushrooms pop out at a much faster rate, allowing more food collection. The heathens in the run-down village don't like rain, and will flee to the forest which can be helpful or hurtful, as they often take a route that crosses the path of your farmers or builders, causing work to stop as they chase your villagers. You can create rain, lightning, sunshine, and fog from your "godly" powers. The Fog of Doom is especially helpful as the heathens cannot see through it and your villagers can.

Fire is your friend! A fire not only keeps your villagers warm and cuts down on illness, it boosts your ability to gain tech points. You will need both wood and dry grass to start a fire, and usually only adults can start a fire. However, you can light the fire using your lightning power.

Don't forget to set work preferences for your villagers! For instance, if you want someone farming, make sure to check the farming preference. Villagers without preferences set will often wander around and do their own thing. Screenshot.

Avoid the orange-mask heathens! They will chase your villagers and make them drop whatever they are carrying, especially disrupting food gathering and building tasks. If you are dropping children onto collectibles first check to make sure no orange-mask heathen is in the area.

Your villagers will appear inside a flimsy bamboo enclosure. Set your adults to building and drop them on the bamboo and they will start tearing it down to build a food bin. While they are doing that, scan around with your kids and collect mushrooms and relics if they appear. Don't forget to avoid the orange mask heathens. Screenshot.

While the food bin is being built, grab one adult and start dropping them on blue mask villagers to talk to them. Be persistent, eventually you will see a yellow light appear above their (the blue mask) head showing that they are thinking about it. Don't bother with the heathen "mommy" blue mask, she will not talk to your villager.

Level 2 medicine allows your villagers to live to their late 60s (they will get elderly in their early 60s). It also increases fertility and upgrades the hospital. Level 3 medicine allows your villagers to live into their 70s and beyond (they will get elderly in their late 60s). Again, it increases fertility.

Level 2 learning makes your villagers learn their tasks more quickly, and means they will reach master status sooner. Level 3 learning causes the nursery school foundation to appear. Once it is built you can train the children in there (you need someone who is adept in at least 3 areas to teach).

Each piece of the necklace is guarded by one of the purple masked heathens. Each of them is actually an adept or master in their field as well. When you convert them, they will drop a necklace piece. You can pick it up with any of your villagers but kids are faster. The necklace pieces will go to a spot to the left of the hand statue until all four are accumulated. At that point they will assemble the necklace. Drop a villager (a kid is faster) on the completed necklace to solve puzzle 16.

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